Monday, April 14, 2014


Five minutes before the surgery I was watching tv with my 
dad.  Then the nurse came in and said “ You are going to have surgery now.” She pushed me on the bed  to the 
room I was going to have my surgery in. Dad followed behind me.  When we got to the room I felt so scared my hands were shaking.I saw a big light shining down on me and the anaesthetist put me to sleep  I could not remeber what hapend when i worc up. 

After the surgery I was so tired  I went to sleep I did not know how long I sleeped for.But my family was thera. And we wached a movie together.And when the movie ended they went home.And I wached some more movies. and I staed up late.The next day i went home and 3clock.I staed there for three night.anaesthetist

sutFive minutes before the s
dad.  Then the nurse came in and