Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dad aka Wisdom

We were learning to hook the reader in and put a photo in there head.
Dad aka Wisdom

My Father is the only dad you would need because he will probably give you more hugs than the earth has been here. My father is the reason why I am so good with maths and writing.

Wisdom loves to run long distance like to Clive and Napier with me riding by his side. He has competed in the triple peak challenge and did not go to work for the week but his best was in the mitre 10 challenge because he came forth. My father is really helpful, if I have a project for school he will always give me a great tip. If I fell off my bike he is the one that comes first and helps me. Dad loves to go Napier with the family and play on the playground.

Wisdom likes Coke Zero, cars, running, coffee and energy drinks. He has dark black hair, brown eyes and a big nose like me, his chin that feels like tough sandpaper, he nominally where's running clothes and shoes. Me and dad both like cars. He has been talking about the new 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA and saying how cool the car is but I don’t think it even looks nice. I have been telling him about the new Dodge Challenger Srt8 Hellcat, he says it's too loud.  

Dad is the best cook in the world. I bet if you take a small bite of his food you are going to want to swap your dad for my dad. Wisdom is a very humorous man because when I am down he makes me laugh and makes me forget why I was sad.That's why I love my dad.